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Invisible Orthodontics: Clear Ice Option

Ice Clear Brackets

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Invisible orthodontics has been around for awhile. Invisalign has practically become a household word when it comes to teeth straightening.

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The trademarked Invisalign Clear Aligner system is especially appealing to adults who want to avoid the inconvenience and unattractive appearance of traditional metal braces.

The Ice Bracket practically eliminates the appearance of brackets on teeth. Combined with specialty ortho wires that are ultra thin, a truly stout treatment regimen is possible without the "heavy metal" look.

Invisible Ortho in Less Time than Invisalign?

Some discriminating (and demanding) patients can now combine the use of Ice Clear Brackets with orthodontic procedures commonly referred to as accelerated orthodontics.

Creative dentists and orthodontists alike are able to provide a 5 to 6 month treatment alternative to the traditional 18 months to 24 months of standard ortho treatment..... (with or without clear aligners) with a bracketing system that is practically invisible.


Patient Directed Hyper Acceleration

Reconstructive dentists who have adapted the use of accelerated ortho procedures, in some cases, are now delivering orthodontic treatment results in even less time than the 6 month treatment alternative for adult patients.

Depending upon tooth sizing, spacing and tooth rotation characteristics, premium grade porcelain veneers are combined with specific tooth modification treatments that can enable some patients to achieve their goals of rapid gap closures, rotational fixes and resizing in a time frame defined by the patient.

Contact your dentist or orthodontist for more detailed information about candidacy for accelerated orthodontics and the additional options of preplaned tooth modifications for implementing porcelain laminates.

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