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WaterPik: Smart Easy Alternative to Flossing

Sensitive gums that are gums that many patients will try to avoid flossing or by brushing. Orthodontics braces and early stages of Gingivitis can cause puffy gum tissue that can be difficult to floss.

Gingival hyperplasia caused by orthodontic appliances and the accumulation of bacteria, for some patients, requires recontouring after treatment is completed. Maintaining good hygiene that keeps areas hard to reach free of debris can eliminate the occurence of hyperplasia and the costly treatment to remove the tissue later.

The Waterpik system is frequently recommended by periodontists and orthodontists alike, for maintaining optimal oral health habits that avoids running abrasive floss material, wased or unwaxed, through braces, underneath fixed bridges and beneath sensitive gum tissue and papilla.

Original footage produced by Waterpik.

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